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text editor with more functions with HTML5

(exemple : blockquote, address, video,..)

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  • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    A more advance feature would be great!! A full display and edit of HTML & CSS script. Not sections as in another product.

    Full control Please!!!

    I tend to ammend the generated files after the export, would be great to do this before the export, with live preview.

    As people tend to use TT for CMS themes as a time saver..I know I do...Just need more advance functions for scriptors'/coders'

    A blank CSS is NO good as you need to see the page structure and the applied styling the two go together... HTML and CSS

    (Good call for Javascripts as well)

    Need to see all the scripting live with preview, even the TT injected script....please have an advance feature.....kind of a Dreamweaver feel... Preview and all scripting to hand to view / edit....

    Edit Scripting on the fly....YAY!! Including and I will repeat....THE TT Scripting......!

    As the musical band says (Queen) "We wanna see it all" or something like that...

    As TT is not as useful for advance users, we want to do things that may not be options in TT yet.

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